Who can help me with my HTML, Telnet, webpage, CGI programming, etc?

Your web host will probably not give you assistance for these kinds of questions. Time permitting they might give advice via email on these issues and already provide FREE installations of predefined scripts, but remember, they are providers of web space and can help you with “content” only as time permits.

If you require assistance in programming, there are many online resources that can be of GREAT assistance.

If you attempt to do some CGI yourself BE AWARE that you should not use wordpad. This is a BIG NO NO!! Wordpad has a tendency to leave hidden carriage returns which will make sensitive programming fail.

Get this program called Programmer’s File Editor (PFE32.EXE). Its a little freeware program that you can edit the file and during save, check a box that says “Save as UNIX format” or something similar.

Our absolute favorite editor is Notepad++.

If you have some serious programming that you need done and there are no available scripts that you can purchase, we recommend you get in touch with a programmer or developer. Having their expertise behind them will surely benefit your web site.