What is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP )?

SMTP e-mail services allow you to send outgoing e-mail from your web host’s mail servers referenced with your own domain name.

example: [email protected]

Some scripts use it, and you can also use it with programs like Outlook. If you want to use it on your Home computer, read on for some crucial tips.

Important: Your computer communicates with the rest of the world through ports. Different ports are used for different purposes. Port 25 is used as the default port for sending mail on your computer, but more and more Internet providers are cutting off access to this port. You need to know how to change the port your computer uses to send email Configuring email settings may be different from program to program, but all email programs with this issue require a similar fix. Changing your email port from 25 to 587 should solve your email issue. If you change your port to 587 and your mail still does not work, contact your ISP for the proper port for SMTP mail.

Although you can easily specify your own domain name within your mail program, many Internet Service Providers (ISP) require you to send e-mail messages with the From address showing [email protected]_ISP.net. This helps to prevent unauthorized “spammers” from using their mail servers. However, this looks unprofessional, especially when you are responding to e-mail sent to your domain. Most web hosts give you the ability to send e-mail with the From address showing [email protected].

Replace forexample-domain.com with your domain name.

In order to use this feature with your web host, you will need to configure your e-mail program to use your host’s mail server referenced with your domain name. In the configuration options of your e-mail program, specify smtp.forexample-domain.com instead of the SMTP address given to you by your ISP. Also specify [email protected] as your return address or reply-to address in place of the e-mail address given to you by your ISP.

Because of ISP anti-spam policies, some ISPs may not allow you to use your own SMTP address. Be sure to check with your ISP first to make sure that the use of other SMTP addresses are allowed on your ISP’s network space.

In order to prevent unauthorized users from using mail servers to send their “spam”, web hosts have set up a method that allows only authorized customers to send e-mail through their mail servers. For more information, check your web hosts FAQ.