iPage Review – Is iPage Reliable?

Of course, there are many choices when it comes to web hosting, but where you have no choice is how to make your business succeed. Some people (like me) are always interested in something new from one of the best web hosting companies in the world, iPage.

Moving Online

A good way to make a business to a successful one is to have an online presence where you would be able to reach potentially millions of prospective customers from every part of the world.

The iPage Story

A group of IT professionals established iPage in 2001, setting the stage for a new standard in the web hosting industry. The mission of this hosting company is to make every customer experience 100% satisfaction.


It Helps Your Bottom Line

iPage has web hosting experience on many hosting operating systems and platforms, especially Linux and Apache. Therefore there is no iPage review out there that does not talk about how you will be satisfied with a hosting plan, and how it could make a lot of difference in your profitability.

Top Reasons Why iPage Worth A Second Look

Let me tell you why this company should be part of your success story. These are some of the reasons why iPage is on of the best web hosting companies in the world:

  1. Reliability – iPage is a hosting company that you can always rely upon. The reason is that each hosting account comes with cutting edge, branded, high-end and rock solid Intel-based servers for stability and increased up-time. The company takes server up-time very seriously, and the servers are monitored 24/7/365. This is a good thing because any down-time could make you to lose businesses worth thousands or millions of dollars. Even if you have problems with your hosting account and your websites are not up, iPage has technicians to attend to you immediately.
  1. Cheap web hosting plans – iPage has some of the cheapest web hosting plans in the industry. For instance, these are the prices for the different hosting plans:
  • Shared hosting – $12.95/month including free domain and dedicated IP address.
  • VPS hosting – Starting at $29.95/month
  • Dedicated server – Starting at $59.95/month with reliable and powerful dedicated servers for the needs of your business.
  • Reseller hosting – There are different plans of reseller hosting of the company, with the best one costing $49.95/month.

The Lowest Prices In The Industry

Hostingmanual.net’s iPage review has shown that iPage provides all those hosting packages at prices which are more than 20% lower than what you find with many other companies, even with the popular ones.

The low prices are made possible because iPage makes use of in-house architecture and carefully chosen software. Those strategies make the host to keep its operating costs low, while at the same time delivering high-quality web hosting services.

  1. Qualified staff to help you – The major problem that most people face with web hosting is that the hosts do not have capable hands to solve the problems of customers. This is not the case with iPage. It is known that most people are not programmers, so as to know how to solve their problems themselves. Therefore, iPage has employees who are qualified and boast of necessary certification to solve your problems. Depending on the applications and operating system being run by you, you will always have a team of service engineers staffed by Sun certified system administrators, RHCEs, CCNAs, MCPs, MCSEs and MSDBAs. This enables your problems to be fully solved within a short time, and in the way you want them to be solved.
  1. Data center – You may not know this; the data center is the back bone of a web hosting company. If the center does not have the right packages and software, your website as a customer will never be up 24/7. A good data center also makes there not to be loss of data. All your website files are always backed up so that if anything happens, you would not lose your important files. The data center of iPage is powered by the following:
  • Four 1500 KW generators to protect you against loss of data
  • 300 KVA UPS Power Plant single-phase circuits which are available at 120V and 208V
  • Single-phase utility AC circuits which are available at 120V and 208V
  1. Money-back guarantee – There is no doubt that you will be satisfied with any web hosting package you get from iPage. However, the company still provides a money-back in case the service did not meet your expectation. Over the past 6 years, only 4.6% of those who signed up for a web hosting plan asked for a refund during the money-back guarantee period. However, the reason was not that they were not happy. They cancelled the plan because they were changing their business plans completely; so there was no need for them to continue having a web hosting account. If you signed up for a plan today, and for any reason, you were not satisfied, you could just ask for a refund. No questions would be asked with the unconditional money-back guarantee. Therefore, there is no risk taken by you.
  1. Customer care – Every iPage you come across will tell you that the company now has an improved customer care system. The commitment of the company to customer service is distinguishing and an important thing that has made it to stand out in the industry. It is the goal of the company to have a long-term relationship with you. The support team will be there for you 24/7/365. This is in addition to an industry-leading and fully-interactive help site. In case you have a problem with your web hosting account, you will always find help in the following ways:
  • knowledge base
  • support ticket opening
  • flash tutorials
  1. Green web hosting – iPage knows the implication of having a toxic environment. Therefore, the web hosting of the company is more than 125% powered by renewable energy sources. The reseller and shared of servers of iPage consume a lot of energy. Therefore, steps have been taken to reduce the impact of the company on the environment. One of the steps is the restructuring of the entire infrastructure for power savings to be improved. In addition, the company purchases Green-E Certified Renewable Energy Credits (”REC’s”) to offset carbon footprint.
  1. Other services – iPage is not only dedicated to selling web hosting plans. A web hosting service helps people in many ways. For customers to easily have their goals achieved on the internet, the company offers other products and services. These are:
  • Dedicated IP Address – this is good for those who have advanced hosting needs.
  • Domain Privacy – this is a good service to protect you against scams, spam and identity theft.
  • SSL Certificates – an SSL Certificate is a good tool to enable you to protect the sensitive information of your customers during online transactions.
  • Web Design – if you do not have the skill or the time to design your own website, you should count on iPage to help you out.

Disclosure: I don’t get paid for writing this review.



With iPage you should no longer find it difficult to make your business grow. The company hosts hundreds of thousands of customer websites. You can be one of them if you take the right step today!