10 Questions Most Beginners Ask About Web Hosting

1. What are the steps involved to bring a website online?

First of all, you’ll need to find someone to develop the website for you. Industry standard skills to perform this task are HTML coding, graphic design, scripting, and programming.

The next step is to find a place to host your website. You can host it in your LAN or externally, with a web hosting company or an ISP. Skills involved in this operation include network and system administration whereas the necessary equipment involves routers, network switches, web servers.

The last step is to promote your hosted website so that you get more and more hits, drive traffic to the website and increase sales leads. Skills involved in website promotion include Internet knowledge, search engines internals, indexing software.

It’s probably more expensive and time-consuming to do all these steps on your own than to hire a web design and hosting company like Biz Hosting Solutions. Biz Hosting Solutions has the expertise to build, host and promote your website in a very efficient manner and with proved and measurable results.

2. How long does it take to have a site up and running?

This depends on what type of site you would want to build. Informative, non-sophisticated, low scripting enabled websites will take 10 business days whereas the completion of an
e-commerce website could take 2 months. Biz Hosting solutions offers exceptionally accurate time estimations and convenient configurable packages to choose from.

3. How much involvement can I have in creating my website?

We appreciate and encourage your input. We need to understand your business model, your concepts, your products, and services. We advise you for active involvement from the start as far as materials content, text, ideas on graphics and logos, dialogue forms, fields, site structure, and layout.

4. How much will my website cost?

The cost of your site is dependent on its complexity regarding the number of pages, features and the amount of graphics and programming involved. Electronic brochure sites start at $ 199 to build up and will charge $ 7.15 a month to host. However, more complex, software engineered and highly graphic customized sites are going to cost more. Some services, like e-mail accounts and domain registration, are offered free with our high-end packages. Biz Hosting Solutions never charges for initial project analysis, needs assessment and setup of the service. Please refer to our web design and web hosting sections for the list prices.

5. Are there any other fees I need to know about?

We must charge for extensive work that is requested of us. Please be informed that maintaining a site- request of changes of any kind on your site once it is completed- does take some amount of time. Our hourly rate for any maintenance or extended work is $50.00. For a limited period Biz Hosting Solutions offers two months of free site maintenance.

6. How do I know how useful my website is?

The way your website looks like and it is promoted on traditional and electronic media makes a huge difference regarding the number of visitors attracted. Biz Hosting Solutions proudly offers high-quality top industry web design solutions altogether with the most sophisticated hosting and website promoting tools. The website visitors statistics and analyzing tools offer comprehensive reports emphasizing who visited your site, when, where from, who was referring your website, what search engine generated the link to you and what particular pages the visitor is interested in.

You’ll be able to test the market response, the demand for your services and products, to optimize the activity and upgrade the marketing programmes that increased the number of leads.

7. What kind of equipment do I need to see the content of my website?

Even if we host your website, to be able to visit it, you’ll need a working Internet connection and any of today’s market PCs running a web browser such as Chrome. The Internet connection can be regular broadband, cable connection, wireless, etc. Most of the companies also maintain their LAN to share internal resources and Internet access.

8. Will everyone see my website the same?

Users will see some aspects differently depending on their browser, operating system, and screen resolution settings. We design sites with the platform independence and portability concept in mind so that all your users will have an excellent experience visiting your website.

9. Who owns the website you created for me?

When you register your domain name, you will designate the persons listed as the administrative and billing contact. You are the owner of your website, the one that will collect revenues from it and the one who is legally responsible for the content of the site.

10. What will my website address be?

Your web address will be www.yourdomainname.com.